Pixel Intensity

Pixel Intensity is a power endo-myocardial wall detection algorithm for all of the slices in the pixel   intensity study. This tool also has the capability to further divide the AHA 17 segments into two    sub-segments (inner and outer) and produce the correspondent intensity curves. 

AHA 17 Segment Pixel Intensity Curves

AHA 17 Sub-Segment Pixel Intensity Curves

Key Features 

  • Stres and rest series support
  • 4short axis view+2 long axis views support
  • Easy ROI markings
  • Adjustable breath starting phase
  • Endocardium and epicardium wall contour detection on short axis stack
  • Visual reference views for all image sets available
  • Highly precise automatic contour detection for the entire data set(all slices,all phases)
  • Comprehensive contour editor