Flow Quantification Aanalysis

Our Blood Flow Analysis Tool enables physicians to focus on interpreting blood flow related measurements for diagnosis. It performs quantitative blood flow analyses on vessels based on Phase-Contrast MR images.

  • Works from regular office computers via internet browsers
  • BloodFlow Analysis Tool enables physicians to focus on diagnoses by reducing the time it takes to draw the ROI on images
  • Very easy to use; only requires three clicks to produce blood flow analysis reports
  • Repeatable, accurate results
  • Decreased RTA (Report Turn Around) Time, which also increases customer satisfaction
  • Elimination of the need for dedicated processing workstations
  • Increased rate at which patients are diagnosed
  • Complements existing systems

Key Features

  • Removes background error to increase data quality.
  • Automatic ROI edge detection.
  • Inner vessel ROI sample measurements.
  • Easy phase aliasing correction.
  • User-Friendly ROI editing tool when undesirable data is received.
  • Frame-by-frame pixel color map.
  • Online report review from report repository.
  • Export report in PDF format.
  • Easy study parameters editor to support different types of MR scanners.
  • Web-based technology supports a major browser on Windows, Mac OS, and UNIX platforms.

You can download product brochure to learn more about the product and the detailed